Eaton 93E 20KVA UPS 2FEED LONG-BATT 9EA02GG05002003


Eaton 20 kVA UPS Dual Feed with Internal Batteries – 21 Minute Stand-by – 208 V AC, 220 V AC Input – 208 V AC, 220 V AC OutputThe Eaton? 93E UPS gives IT managers an easy way to manage the power in their data center, without having to worry about cost, space or downtime. Developed specifically for IT managers, the 93E confronts typical data center problems head on. It addresses ROI, energy costs, remote management, and efficiency, giving you more time to focus on other important data center issues.

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Battery Chemistry:Lead Acid

Product Type:Dual Conversion Online UPS

Input Voltage:220 V AC

Input Voltage:208 V AC

Brand Name:Eaton

Backup/Run Time (Full Load):21 Minute

Load Capacity (VA):20 kVA

Load Capacity (Watt):16 kW