Eaton IBC-LW Battery Cabinet – Lead Acid CABINET 3/3 CThe Eaton? Eaton 93PM Universal Integrated Battery Cabinet-Large (IBC-LW) and Universal Integrated Battery Cabinet-Large High Rate (IBC-LHW) provide extended emergency short-time backup power for the Eaton 93PM Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to enhance the usability and reliability of the systems. The IBC-LW and IBC-LHW safeguard operation during brownouts, blackouts, and other power interruptions providing cost-effective extended battery run time. In addition, the IBC-LHW provides a single battery cabinet solution for Eaton 93PM UPS systems 200 kW and below. Eaton 93PM 400 kW UPS systems above 200 kW require at least two battery cabinets.The IBC-LW and IBC-LHW are housed in a single free-standing cabinet with a safety shield behind the front door for hazardous voltage protection. UPS systems 200 kW and below can utilize up to four IBC-LWs per UPS or two IBC-LHWs per UPS to meet application runtime needs. 400 kW UPS systems can utilize up to eight IBC-LWs per UPS or four IBC-LHWs per UPS to meet application runtime needs. The cabinets match the UPS cabinet in style and color.The IBCs are equipped with valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA)batteries. Removable battery trays with quick disconnects between trays reduce battery maintenance time. A DC-rated circuit breaker within each cabinet provides protection and servicing isolation. The IBC-LHW is available with battery voltage of 432 or 480 Vdc.

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Battery Chemistry:Lead Acid

Product Type:Battery Cabinet

Brand Name:Eaton