SIIG 1×8 12G SDI Distribution Amplifier – 70M – Built-in Re-clocking & Equalization Features TAA Compliant AMPLIFIER 180MDuplicates and splits one 12G SDI input into eight 12G SDI outputs for real time simultaneous multi-viewing Handy tool duplicates and splits one 12G SDI input into eight 12G SDI outputs Input signal automatic equalization technology provides transmission distance of 180m (594ft) @3G, 100m (330ft) @6G and 70m (230ft) @12G using Belden 1694A cable Transmits ancillary data and embedded audio signals Built-in re-clocking and equalization features provides the best performance and maintains signal integrity without signal loss Re-clocking SDI signal technology is the perfect solution for cascading multiple units for longer transmission distances LED indicators for signal lock and video rate notification Inter-locking power supply for safe reliable power connection Metal housing provides durability and minimizes EMI/RF interference for long life and dependable performance Plug and play, no software installation required

Product Type:Audio Distribution Amplifier

Brand Name:SIIG

TAA Compliant:Yes

Number of BNC Inputs:1

Number of BNC Outputs:8