Eaton EPDU MA 38U-C IN L15-30P 24A 3P OUT EMA341-10


Eaton ePDU G3 Managed 38U-C IN: L15-30P 24A 3P OUT: 21xC13:3xC19 – Managed – NEMA L15-30P – 3 x IEC 60320 C19, 21 x IEC 60320 C13 – 230 V AC – 8640 W – Network (RJ-45) – 38U – Vertical – Rack-mountable 3P OUTEaton ePDU G3 Managed technology provides a best-in-class design featuring billing grade accuracy monitoring at the outlet level on a local LCD pixel display or over a network connection. The high accuracy meter will measure current, voltage, power and energy for load balancing, capacity planning, efficiency monitoring and energy usage reporting. Outlet switching allows for on, off or reboot of individual outlets, which reduces the cost of managing remote or local IT data center environments. The robust design is UL rated to operate at 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) ambient operating temperature for containment and high temperature environments. Outlet switching for on, off and reboot control to reduce management costs Outlet level metering to +/- 1% billing grade accuracy for customer billing or level 3 PUE calculations LCD pixel display with hot-swap capability enables load balancing and local setup of key parameters such as IP address and display orientation High operating temperature (140 degrees F / 60 degrees C) for containment or hot network closet environments Daisy chain of IP addresses allows four devices to share one network connection to reduce network install costs by up to 75% IEC outlet grip plug retention secures plugs in place using standard cables

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Product Type:PDU

Input Voltage:230 V AC

Output Voltage:230 V AC

Input Receptacles:1 x NEMA L15-30P

Input Current:24 A

Output Receptacles:21 x IEC 60320 C13

Output Receptacles:3 x IEC 60320 C19

Rack Height:38U

Brand Name:Eaton

Product Family:ePDU Managed

PDU Type:Managed

Mounting Orientation:Vertical

Power Rating (Watt):8640 W