Liebert ITA2 10K IEC60309-60 5W 2INP ITA2-10KMBCSL3


Liebert Standard Power Cord – For UPSThese cable kits allow converting the standard hard-wired connections to cord-n-plug connections for ease of installation and servicing. The Liebert ITA2 Cable Kit P/N: ITA2-10KMBCSL3 contains (2) input cords 10 ft. (3m) long with IEC60309-60A connector, and (1) main output cord 1 ft. (305mm) long with IEC60309-60A connector. This cable kit can be used with a stand-alone 10kVA UPS (no external MBC), or with the 10kVA rated rack-mount MBC for a dual input system. All cords are 3 phase 4W+G More from the Manufacturer

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Product Type:Standard Power Cord

Brand Name:Liebert

Cord Length:10 ft

Connector on First End:IEC 60309 60A