Mediplay 12-Month Subscription Including Media Player Physicians, Mediplay allows you to transform your existing waiting room TV into a powerful communication tool. With the help of a small media player, a wide range of content, and an intuitive online interface, Mediplay’s ad-free programming will help to inform, educate, and motivate your patients while they wait.As a Mediplay subscriber you will have access to a library of 600+ medically reviewed patient education videos, covering 24 different specialties, as well as tools to create your own customized content, display your Facebook page, current events, and more. These tools allow you to build the program that works for you.Whether you operate a single physician office, or a large medical network, it’s important to tell your story. This means promoting the services you offer, educating your patients, and positioning your physicians and staff as experts in their field. It’s time to say goodbye to Doctor Oz and say hello to your patients. With Mediplay, you’re in total control.

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