SmartAVI MXWALL-3232-S Digital Signage Appliance – HDMI – Serial INTEGRATED VIDEO WALLFor the ultimate in control over a high definition video matrix, the MXWall delivers complete flexibility to route and distribute up to 32 HD inputs and 32 HD outputs for stunning video wall functionality. No other video matrix on the market today provides the unique combination of full matrix switching with included video wall operation, which offers an ideal video routing solution for the most demanding of environments and applications. Powerful Matrix Routing for Large-Scale Video Walls The MXWall gives users the ability to control 32 high definition screens, each with its own input. Then, in real time, users can switch to create a multi-screen display of any of the 32 inputs in any section of the 32 screens, providing the unique functionality of a video wall in the middle of multi-screen matrix display with full scaling capabilities. Attractive Configurations Users can route multiple 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 configurations of various sources, or stretch a single image across all 32 screen at the click of a button. There has never been a video routing solution that provides this much user-friendly customization.Endless Applications This technology provides nearly limitless possibilities for applications like law enforcement, defense, security and more. With 32 HDMI inputs and 32 HDMI outputs, each screen can deliver full 1080p HD. No matter the input resolution, the MXWall always scales the content to 1080p output. Intuitive Control The MXWall supports full control and switching access via RS-232 and Ethernet connections, allowing users to connect to MXWall remotely. Whether a user is on the opposite side of the room or halfway around the world, secure control all of the MXWall’s matrix functions is made convenient and available when it’s needed most. Expandable to 32 HDMI Inputs and 32 HDMI Outputs Full Hardware Solution, No Operating System Required Real Time Image Display, No Dropped Frames Supports Multiple Video Wall Layouts Built-In Digital Signage Functionality Delivers Reliable, 24/7 Uninterrupted Use HDMI 1.4 and HDCP Compliant Output Resolution up to 1920×1080 Scales Each Input to 1080p Supports Partial Input and Output Cards with Mixed Interpolation High-Speed Bus Parallel Processing Technology and High-Bandwidth Uncompressed Processing Control via Front Panel Buttons, RS-232 or Ethernet User-Friendly GUI Software Supports Open Protocol for Integration with AMX, Creston Android Application Available Integrated Media Player for Video, Photos and Web Browsing with Local Storage

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