Geist PDU MON OUTLET LEVEL EC 0U 30A 400V WYE (42)L-C13 (6)L-C19 NR30039L


Geist MNR3EHW1-48MI13-3TL56A0A10-S-A 48-Outlets PDU – Monitored – NEMA L22-30P – 42 x U-Lock IEC 60320 C13 – 230 V AC, 415 V AC – Network (RJ-45) – 0U – Vertical – Rack-mountable 400V WYE (42)L-C13 (6)L-C19The NR30039L provides IP-based monitoring with quick access to real-time outlet-level power metrics and environmental sensor data. Using Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology, NR30039L optically transmits power usage data from its LED display to a handheld device using the Geist Mobile App, presenting comprehensive power usage data down to the phase and circuit levels. With the Geist Upgradeable hot-swap technology, users may easily upgrade PDUs to the latest available technology by replacing the Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD) module.

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Product Type:PDU

Input Voltage:230 V AC

Input Voltage:415 V AC

Output Voltage:230 V AC

Input Receptacles:1 x NEMA L22-30P

Input Current:30 A


Output Receptacles:42 x U-Lock IEC 60320 C13

Protection Type:Overcurrent Protection

Rack Height:0U

Brand Name:Geist

Input Voltage Range:200 V AC – 240 V AC

Input Voltage Range:346 V AC – 415 V AC

Phase:Three Phase

PDU Type:Monitored

Mounting Orientation:Vertical

Power Rating (Watt):16.60 kW