Liebert POD (2)L5-20R (2)L6-20R FOR GXT 5-6 KVA RT208 UPS PD2-007


Liebert MPH2 Outlet Metered & Outlet Switched PDU – 20A, 100-240V, Single-Phase 9 Outlets (C13), 100-240V, IEC C20, Horizontal 1U/2U” FOR GXT 5-6 KVA RT208 UPSThe Liebert POD, PD2-007, provides easy plug-n-play capability for the Liebert GXT3-5000RT208, GXT3-6000RT208, GXT4-5000RT208, and GXT4-6000RT208 UPS Systems, with integrated Maintenance Bypass, L14-30P input cord/plug, (2) L6-20R, (2) L5-20R output receptacles

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Product Type:PDU

Input Voltage:230 V AC

Input Voltage:120 V AC

Input Receptacles:1 x NEMA L14-30P

Input Current:30 A

Output Receptacles:2 x NEMA L6-20R

Output Receptacles:2 x NEMA L5-20R

Rack Height:1U/2U

Brand Name:Liebert