Eaton BASIC EPDU 9XL6-30 0U 4XC19 & 8XC13 PW105BA1U192


Eaton ePDU Basic 12-Outlets 4.99kW PDU – Basic – 4 x IEC 60320 C19, 8 x IEC 60320 C13 – 230 V AC – 4990 W – 1U – Horizontal – Rack-mountable 4XC19 & 8XC13 Two trends are emerging for data centre devices. They are growing smaller, yet requiring high-density power. On the other hand, lower-density equipment demands higher power. The new Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Units – ePDUs – provide the solution for both needs.Superior power quality depends on efficient power distribution. With today’s small-size devices, a single rack of equipment might produce 40 or more power cords to manage. Eaton ePDUs complement your UPS systems, distributing power in high-density rack environments-or anywhere conditioned power must be distributed to multiple pieces of equipment. From a single power input, you can manage and distribute power to multiple outlets, whether you’re using a UPS from Eaton or another manufacturer.

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Product Type:PDU

Input Voltage:230 V AC

Output Voltage:240 V AC

Input Receptacles:1 x NEMA L6-30P

Output Receptacles:4 x IEC 60320 C19

Output Receptacles:8 x IEC 60320 C13

Protection Type:Spike Protection

Protection Type:Surge Protection

Rack Height:1U

Brand Name:Eaton

Product Family:ePDU Basic

PDU Type:Basic

Mounting Orientation:Horizontal

Power Rating (Watt):4990 W