Raritan 208V 3PH 48A 30XC13 0U IEC60309 17.3KVA RED PX3-4252U-N1V2K1


Raritan PX3-4252U-N1V2K1 30-Outlet PDU – 30 x IEC 60309 C13 – 230 V AC – 17.30 kW – 0U – Rack-mountable – TAA Compliant 17.3KVA RED PDU – Rack Power Distribution Units The PX series reliably and efficiently distributes power to the devices in your cabinets. It can meter at the inlet, outlet, and PDU circuit breaker level, and cycle power to your outlets remotely. There are hundreds of off-the-shelf models, we can engineer-to-order, and can ship select PDUs in three weeks or less.FeaturesSee Power Feeds in Color Full color rack Power Distribution Units are available in ten colors. Color lowers the risk of human error and makes it easier to identify power feeds, and perform troubleshooting, to minimize downtime.Energy Efficient Latching Relays Consume 67% less energy, produce less heat, and can be configured to return to pre-outage state instantly. Available on PX-5000 series models.Five Features, One Port The PX series comes equipped with USB ports to support Wi-Fi networking, iPDU to PDU cascading, webcams, quick setup, and at-the-rack display.Billing-Grade Accuracy Accurate kWh metering allows you to measure actual energy usage for customer or department charge-back billing, establishing baselines, and analyzing the effect of initiatives. Optimize Your Environment Optional plug-and-play environment sensors allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, and other environmental conditions. Cords Stay In, Servers Stay Up Ensure that IEC power cords don’t accidentally come unplugged from servers when technicians are working on racks with SecureLock.

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Product Type:PDU

Input Voltage:230 V AC

Input Current:48 A

Output Receptacles:30 x IEC 60309 C13

Rack Height:0U

Brand Name:Raritan

Product Family:PX

TAA Compliant:Yes

Power Rating (VA):17.30 kVA