Electro-Voice HANDHELD SET WITH ND96 HEAD 560-596MHZ RE3-ND96-5H


Electro-Voice RE3-ND96 Wireless Microphone System – 560 MHz to 596 MHz Operating Frequency – 51 Hz to 16 kHz Frequency Response 560-596MHZ Uhf wireless set featuring nd96 dynamic supercardioid microphone Handheld UHF wireless set featuring ND96 dynamic supercardioid microphone head for vocal performance and presentations. The ND96’s sound is powerful, rich, and detailed, and delivers exceptionally high gain before feedback for excellent acoustic control on very loud stages. Setup is quick and simple using the RE3 clear frequency scan and sync functions, and the radio link between the robust handheld transmitter and diversity receiver delivers rock-solid system performance.

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Product Type:Wireless Microphone System

Brand Name:Electro-Voice

Maximum Operating Frequency:596 MHz