Blue Coat S500 Network Security/Firewall Appliance – 4 Port – 10GBase-T – 10 Gigabit Ethernet – 4 x RJ-45 – 2U – Rack-mountable WEB APPLICATION PROTECTION Web-based solutions are being implemented for nearly every aspect of business operations, from public websites to mission-critical business applications. As a result, growing security concerns, sluggish performance, and increasing complexity are straining existing web server infrastructures. To secure and accelerate web applications and public websites, organizations turn to Symantec for reverse proxy deployments.Why Symantec for Reverse Proxy Deployments?Symantec Reverse Proxy appliances combine robust security, high-performance content delivery, and operational simplicity, allowing organizations to secure and accelerate their web applications and public websites.Protects Web Servers Reverse Proxy securely isolates general-purpose servers from direct Internet access, acting as an intermediary between web applications and the external clients who attempt to access them. Reverse Proxy provides robust authentication and policy support and can either challenge users or transparently check authentication credentials using an organization’s existing security framework. For high-performance, low-latency virus scanning of all uploaded content to web servers, Reverse Proxy integrates with Content Analysis and offers a choice of leading anti-virus engines. To ensure confidentiality, Reverse Proxy can be configured to encrypt communications between users and web applications using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Accelerates Web Content At the heart of the Reverse Proxy solution is SGOS, a secure, object-based operating system specifically designed to handle web content. SGOS combines patented proxy caching technology with an optimized TCP stack for efficient web content acceleration. SGOS’s intelligent use of its integrated cache allows 60-90% of an application’s web objects to be cached and served directly to users, further enhancing site performance and scalability. In addition, optional SSL services provide hardware-accelerated key negotiation, encryption, and decryption support. Simplifies Operations An integrated, optimized appliance that combines proxy software and hardware, Reverse Proxy is easy to install, configure, and maintain. The Reverse Proxy’s Visual Policy Manager (VPM) provides an intuitive, graphical interface to define and manage a wide range of policy rules. Comprehensive logging and reporting provide detailed accounting information, giving administrators the visibility necessary to assess web usage patterns and track security issues. Reverse Proxy Enables Organizations To: Accelerate delivery of web applications and content through a proxy architecture with integrated caching Protect web infrastructure by isolating origin servers from direct Internet access Secure external user access to web applications, such as web e-mail, extranets, and public websites, by acting as an SSL termination /origination point Save time and money by reducing the number of web servers required Implement granular access policies based on users, groups, time of day, location, network address, user agent, and other attributes to meet unique business requirements Authenticate clients using existing security framework, including local password files, NTLM, LDAP, RADIUS, onetime passwords, and certificates Safeguard their web infrastructure from viruses, worms, and Trojans with real-time anti-malware scanning of all uploaded content Deliver high-performance streaming media to thousands of simultaneous users with streaming proxies

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Product Type:Network Security/Firewall Appliance

Firewall Protection Supported:Fileupload Control

Firewall Protection Supported:Web Protection

Firewall Protection Supported:Trojan Horse

Firewall Protection Supported:Advanced Threat Intelligence

Firewall Protection Supported:Antivirus

Firewall Protection Supported:Content Filtering

Firewall Protection Supported:Data Loss Prevention

Firewall Protection Supported:Malware Protection

Firewall Protection Supported:Threat Protection

Form Factor:Rack-mountable

Brand Name:Blue Coat

Ethernet Technology:10 Gigabit Ethernet

Product Family:S500

Total Number of Ports:4