Raritan SecureLock Standard Power Cord – For PDU, Power Strip – 120 V AC – Yellow – 3 ft Cord Length – North America 12AWG 1XC20 1XC19Prevent costly downtime from accidental power cord disconnects with SecureLock outlets and power cords.Despite meticulous planning and stringent processes, a source of data center downtime is human error and accidents.All too often, when site services technicians labor in the rear of cabinets – whether commissioning new servers, replacing faulty power supplies, or routing LAN/SAN cables – power cords become accidentally dislodged as personnel brush against power cords in the rear of a cabinet. Plugs can also vibrate loose.In modern data centers the use of high-current IEC C-19/C-20 connections proliferate with the increased deployment of blade servers. The large C-20 connector and cord are heavy so C-20 plugs are prone to accidental disconnection.To resolve this problem, Raritan equips all of its latest rack iPDUs that have IEC C-13 or C-19 outlets with patented SecureLock receptacles.SecureLock outlets interoperate with standard AC power cords as normal. But when mated with genuine SecureLock AC power cords, a positive, locking, physical connection holds the cords in place with tabs.Like all Raritan power strips, these IEC C-13 and C-19 outlets are UL Listed (N. America) / VDE Listed (Europe / International).

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Product Type:Standard Power Cord

Localization:North America


Voltage Rating:120 V AC

Brand Name:Raritan

Cord Length:3 ft

Connector on First End:IEC 60320 C20

Connector on Second End:IEC 60320 C19