SmartAVI Composite Video/Audio/IR over CAT5 16×4 Matrix with RS-232 Control – 1280 x 1024 – SXGA – Twisted Pair – 16 x 4Composite Video In AUDIO RS-232 IR CAT5The IRX-SW series of products provide a unique combination of: * High quality video and stereo audio matrix * Remote infrared control with pass-through * Signal distribution via CAT5 cable Combining these functions creates an extremely powerful and cost effective product for use in monitoring, security and AV distribution. Housed in standard 19 rack mounting cases, various models are available allowing multiple configurations and applications. Each output comes with a small discrete receiver unit providing a high quality signal conversion from the CAT5 cable to the television, computer or other display device. IR Control The SmartNet-V products allow the extension of infrared control signals via a single category 5 twisted pair cable. Using a unique method of transparent data transfer, the system allows a device (e.g. set-top box) to be situated up to 1000ft (300m) from the controller (e.g. television). Fully compliant with standard modulated IR and the latest IRDA, the extender will provide a transparent path for all protocols and data transfers. Matrix The units contain a high quality routing matrix for composite video and stereo audio. Gold RCA jacks sockets on the rear of the unit connect the input signals to the matrix. Color coded jacks are used for ease of identification. Both audio and video inputs are high impedance to allow for looping inputs. This enables multiple units to be cascaded together increasing the number of users to the system. Each model in the series has looping inputs giving a convenient method of upgrading the system on site. An integral on screen display (OSD) for each output keeps the user informed of channel identification and system configuration. Signal Distribution All signals are distributed balanced and driven differentially, this method provides for the best immunity to external noise and interference. Sending signals balanced also minimizes emissions, as any interference transmissions from the cable are cancelled out. Pairs 1,2 and 3 of the CAT5 cable are used for video and stereo audio respectively. Pair 4 is used for the return Infrared signals from the user, which is combined with the power from the chassis and sent as a common mode signal. Receiver unit Each user requires a receiver unit complete with IReye’ and handset. There are currently 3 receiver models: * Scart receiver and separateeye’ * Integral receiver * Bulkhead mounted receiver The Scart receiver consists of a small box with integral Scart plug, which connects directly to the television. The flyingeye’ is then placed on top of or to the side of the television so that it can pick up the IR commands from the handset when directed at the TV. Other receivers have the same specification but allow for differing installation requirements. All that is required to view the channels is to connect a CAT5 cable to the receiver unit, the other end of which connects to an output on the chassis. No adjustments are necessary to receive the video and stereo audio as the unit provides an automatic compensation for any losses for up to 300m of cable. Power is provided through the cable eliminating the need for bulky plug-top supplies. Handset On-Screen Menu

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Product Type:Audio/Video Switchbox

Device Supported:Computer

Device Supported:Display

Device Supported:DVD Player

Device Supported:Set-top Box

Device Supported:VCR

Device Supported:Camera

Device Supported:TV

Connectivity Technology:Cable

Form Factor:Rack-mountable

Brand Name:SmartAVI

Maximum Operating Distance:984.25 ft

Product Family:SmartNetV

Composite Video In:Yes

Media Type Supported:Twisted Pair

Number of Displays Supported:4

Number of Input Devices Supported:16

Connectivity (RJ-45):Yes