Tripp Lite SmartOnline SU6KRT3UTFMB 6kVA Rack/Tower UPS – 3U Rack/Tower – 3 Hour Recharge – 3 Minute Stand-by – 230 V AC Input – 120 V AC, 208 V AC, 240 V AC Output – 4 x NEMA L6-20R, 2 x NEMA L6-30R, 8 x NEMA 5-20R, 4 x NEMA 5-15R, Hardwired – TAA Compliant UNITY PF BYPASS PDU TRANSFORMER Protects Mission-Critical Rack-Mounted Equipment against Damage, Downtime and Data Loss Tripp Lite’s SU6KRT3UTFMB Unity Power Factor UPS system with Maintenance Bypass Switch and Detachable Bypass PDU protects connected equipment against damage, downtime and data loss due to power outages, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Unity Power Factor design enables full 6000VA / 6000W output capacity when used with hardwire 208/240V input power. Optional L6-30P input cord included (output de-rates to 5600W with 240V input & 4800W with 208V input when the L6-30P cord is used). In double-conversion mode, this UPS system maintains perfect output by continuously converting AC input to DC, then reconverting UPS output to fully regulated sine wave AC with ?1% voltage regulation and zero transfer time between online and battery modes. Featuring true on-line, double-conversion operation, Tripp Lite’s SmartOnline? SU6KRT3UTFMB provides the highest level of UPS power protection for critical server, network and telecom equipment. High Availability Configuration Offers Reliable, Expandable Battery Backup Included Maintenance Bypass Switch is mounted on a detachable Bypass PDU that securely mounts to the rear-rails of a 4 post rack enclosure and remains safely in-place powering your equipment during UPS maintenance. The UPS connects to the Bypass PDU using a sophisticated blind-mate connector set with self-aligning guide-pins to ensure safe and reliable whole-UPS replacement with zero downtime for connected equipment. UPS battery backup keeps connected equipment operational through short power failures, and provides time to save data and perform an orderly system shutdown in case of a prolonged blackout. The internal battery set provides 8.5 minutes of support at half load and 3 minutes at full load. During normal operation, incoming utility power keeps the battery fully charged so backup power will be available when needed. Advanced temperature-controlled battery charge management system provides efficient recharge and enhanced battery lifespan. For mission-critical applications demanding continuous uptime, the 6kVA UPS can provide expandable runtime with optional BP192V12RT3US external battery pack (sold separately). Battery-independent restart ensures automatic UPS power-up after lengthy power outages, even with expired batteries. Economy Mode Helps the Environment and Your Cash Flow Operates with >98% full-load efficiency in optional economy mode significantly reducing BTU heat output and operating energy costs. Intuitive Front-Panel Interface offers Convenient Monitoring Front-panel LEDs indicate line power, AC output, On-battery mode, and Fault conditions. The LCD readout with scroll controls supports visual monitoring of a variety of control options to support advanced UPS settings and configurations. The panel rotates for comfortable viewing in rack-mount or tower configuration. Pre-installed WEBCARDLXMINI Network Interface Offers 24/7 Access Pre-installed Java-free HTML5-based WEBCARDLXMINI interface enables full remote access for site power and UPS status monitoring, configuration, control and email notifications via secure web browser, SNMP, telnet or SSH. It supports 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing for optimum communication with an Ethernet network. Automated alerts help prevent accidental overloads, power loss and downtime. Advanced Communications Ports USB and DB9 ports with included cabling enable data-saving unattended shutdown of connected systems when used with Tripp Lite’s free downloadable PowerAlert? software.

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Application/Usage:Mission Critical Equipment


Application/Usage:Network Equipment

Battery Chemistry:Lead Acid

Product Type:Dual Conversion Online UPS

Hot Swappable:Yes

Input Voltage:230 V AC

Form Factor:Rack/Tower

Waveform Type:Pure Sine Wave

Number of Receptacles:8

Number of Receptacles:4

Number of Receptacles:2

Rack Height:3U

Brand Name:Tripp Lite

Plug/Connector Type:NEMA L6-30P

Plug/Connector Type:Hardwired

Phase:Single Phase

Receptacle Type:NEMA 5-15R

Receptacle Type:Hardwired

Receptacle Type:NEMA L6-20R

Receptacle Type:NEMA L6-30R

Receptacle Type:NEMA 5-20R

Product Family:SmartOnline

Backup/Run Time (Half Load):8.50 Minute

Backup/Run Time (Full Load):3 Minute

Load Capacity (VA):6000 VA

Load Capacity (Watt):6000 W

Replaceable Battery:Yes

TAA Compliant:Yes

Energy Star:Yes