VERTIV LIEBERT TDU 3500 3440VA/3440W L620 INPUT TDU-3500RTL620


Vertiv Liebert TDU – 3440VA/3440W 120VAC|Step Down Transformer/Voltage Converter – 3440VA |2U Rack Tower |Forced Air Cooling | 10 NEMA oulets | UL cUL | 94% AC-AC Efficiency 3440VA/3440W L620 INPUTThe Vertiv Liebert Transformer Distribution Unit (TDU) is a step down transformer / voltage converter that provides 120VAC output power from 208VAC or 240VAC input. Many 5kVA and higher single phase UPS products only accept 208VAC input power, so users consider Vertiv Liebert TDU, which accepts 208 or 240VAC (200/220/230 VAC acceptable) input and converts it to 120VAC (L-N) output. It is designed to work with Vertiv Liebert GXT3-6000RTL630, GXT4-6000RTL630, GXT4-3000RT208, and PSI5-5000RT208 but can be used with other UPS products with 208VAC in & out, and have a compatible input power plug. This 3440VA/3440W TDU has 10 power output connections: 8 NEMA 5-15/20R and 2 NEMA L5-20R. The integrated forced airflow in the unit assists in keeping the rack cool. This energy efficient device offers AC-AC efficiency of 94%. It meets standards in safety, RFI/EMI, environmental and transportation. This 2U rack-tower comes with a mounting kit for easy installation.

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Product Type:Step Down Transformer

Input Voltage:208 V AC

Input Voltage:230 V AC

Brand Name:VERTIV