Black Box HDMI-over-IP H.264 Decoder – Functions: Video Decoding, Video Streaming – 3840 x 2160 – H.264, MPEG-4, AVC, TS – Network (RJ-45) – Audio Line Out – 1 PackLive Stream Media over IP Extend AV signals as far as your network reaches. Standardized Protocols This media decoder is fitted with standardized and disclosure protocols, allowing it to cooperate with our H.264 encoder. With this decoder and matching encoder, you can deliver AV signals over your IP network. Compatible with a Diversified Network, the decoder supports multiple media transmission methods. Additionally, it negotiates with the encoder to select the most suitable mode to obtain media. All of this enables the decoder to adapt itself automatically to most networks. Advanced Media Codec The decoder features H.264 video compressing technology. This allows it to decode video content with visually lossless quality without consuming too much bandwidth. On top of that, the encoder supports AAC audio encoding so a high-quality audio signal can be transmitted using low bandwidth. Optimized Control Methods Setting up this decoder is simple. To pair the decoder, the user only needs to configure the IP address of the encoder. Then, the decoder will negotiate with the encoder to obtain the media stream. Furthermore, this decoder offers two controlling approaches: web UI and Telnet API. The web UI enables the user to control the system through a common browser. The Telnet API allows the devices to be controlled by a third-party system.

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Product Type:Video Decoder

Functions:Video Decoding

Functions:Video Streaming

Maximum Resolution:3840 x 2160

Brand Name:Black Box


Network (RJ-45):Yes