SmartAVI PresenterWall VW-12XAS Digital Signage Appliance – Core 2 Extreme – 2 GB – 100 GB HDD – HDMI – USB – DVIEthernetYou will find PresenterWall’s ability to read everyday files from your computer, such as Flash, Power- Point, JPEGs and QuickTime extremely helpful; there is no file conversion necessary. In addition to understanding a vast amount of file types, PresenterWall also is equipped to stream from DVDs or live cameras, creating a virtually limitless palette from which to create dynamic presentations. The thought process behind SmartAVI’s software is that you shouldn’t have to worry about remembering which files will and will not work with PresenterWall, what you can or cannot use for content or whether or not the system will allow you the creative freedom needed to accomplish your presentation goals. Ease of use, adaptability of the PresenterWall system and broad range of files that end users will likely use for content have been the main focus of SmartAVI in the development of this system. We understand that you want to hit the ground running with PresenterWall, not spend hours trying to decipher a dense manual or struggle with unfriendly software. At SmartAVI, we get it and understand that the key to your vision’s success depends on the flexibility and overall simplicity of PresenterWall. Whether you have four or 12 video screens to use with PresenterWall, set up is made easy with SmartAVI’s pointand-click software. End users have the ability to set up each monitorindividually (such as resolution and color quality) and then can add them to the PresenterWall system. For greater flexibility and simplicity, you can also define your video wall configuration within the software, such as 2×2, 2×5, 4×3, 3×4, 6×2, etc. and with one click, set all of the monitors in the group at the same time. This enables the software to communicate with each monitor separately or as part of a larger grouping for stretched/tiled images and video.

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Product Type:Digital Signage Appliance

Standard Memory:2 GB

Processor Type:Core 2 Extreme

Brand Name:SmartAVI

Total Hard Drive Capacity:100 GB




Product Family:PresenterWall