Eaton PW RPM 12KW L21-20R 5-20R BLADEUPS 208V Y03112017100000


Eaton Rack Power Module – NEMA L21-20R, NEMA 5-20R – 36 kW – 230 V AC 5-20R BLADEUPS 208V The RPM delivers up to 36 kW of power to loads of various voltages, power cords and layouts. The 3U RPM can be deployed in the same rack with the UPS and IT equipment; there’s no need for a dedicated infrastructure rack. The resulting architecture has fewer cables to manage, fewer distribution points to monitor, and greater flexibility for IT personnel to make changes without an electrician.

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Product Type:Power Module

Output Power:36 kW

Receptacles:NEMA 5-20R

Receptacles:NEMA L21-20R

Brand Name:Eaton