Eaton PW RPM 12KW 2XL21-20R 3XL14-30R BLADEUPS 20 Y03114019100000


Eaton Rack Power Module – NEMA L21-20R, NEMA L14-30R – 12 kW – 220 V AC BLADEUPS 20The Eaton RPM simplifies data center power distribution by delivering up to 36 kW of power in a 3U cabinet. Connect directly from a three-phase UPS (such as the Eaton BladeUPS), or other utility source, to power secondary power distribution devices such as the Eaton ePDU. Twelve pole positions distribute power to completely customizable input and output configurations and voltages.

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Product Type:Power Module

Output Power:12 kW

Receptacles:2 x NEMA L21-20R

Receptacles:3 x NEMA L14-30R

Brand Name:Eaton